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I am an armchair ponderer.

Not in the strictest sense of the term, because I ponder on a sofa, standing up or lying down in bed equally well. The bottom line is that I like to engage in that wild freewheeling mental process where one hops skips and jumps between any topic of ones choice for whatever duration one likes and without having any specific purpose to achieve. The topics are myriad and vary from ethics to technology with a smattering of business, environment, philanthropy and a whole lot more thrown in. There have been times when I have got good ideas too and probably if I could get my butt out the “armchair” in question, maybe I would do something about it :). I do debate a lot, but most of it is with myself, where I try to get myself to take impartial views of all facets of a topic, evaluate their merits/demerits and thus gather more things to ponder about. In the recent past, I tried my hand at blogging and decided that I should do more of it, putting down all these thoughts somewhere so maybe people can read them and tell me what they think. That is pretty much the reason why you are here reading this stuff.

I am also a spartan person, tending more to focus on the utilitarian aspect of things rather than the aesthetic, the “needs” rather than the “wants” or the “should haves”. This probably explains the look of this page and why my profiles in the social networking sites I use have stayed the same ever since I started using them (and they still dont have much chance of changing).

That does not mean that I am completely inured to beauty. However, I tend to perceive beauty more in the “action” than in final objects. This means that I am not too keen on roses and lotuses, but I think Federer’s backhand, an eagle’s flight and an artist’s dexterity are truly beautiful. To complicate things, I do think that objects such as the Eiffel tower and the samurai sword are beautiful, which lands up making me a bag of contradictions; but thats human isn’t it?

But I digress…

During the working week, I am a PhD student at the University of Southampton and I occupy my time by studying these tiny little things called Carbon nanotubes. They resemble rebellious geniuses and are promising and uncooperative in equal measure. Its my job to try and see what we can do with these things to further the progress of the electronics industry and to pursue the holy grail of smaller, faster, cheaper which drives electronics today. So far its been good and I am hoping it stays that way. 🙂 I also tremendously enjoy computers and spend a decent chunk of my time reading and experimenting with open source projects. Someday, I aim to actively contribute to one of the open source projects, but getting started is kind of intimidating so do wish me luck for it.

So there you go, thats who I am, what I like and what I do, in a nutshell. The posts on this blog are a dumping ground for my thoughts, albeit with a little organisation. Now go on and read some of them 🙂

Just in case you need to contact me for any reason, you can write to me at clueso[at]gmail[dot]com. the obvious substitutions apply of course…


Written by clueso

May 8, 2006 at 9:55 am

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