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Indian elections.

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India just finished yet another of those gigantic exercises called elections. The logistics are quite impressive, given that there should be facilities for tha gigantic voter pool across such a huge land should be able to vote. The most impressive is the speed with which the counting is done, thanks to the electronic voting machines.

The Congress yet again will form the government and this time it appears that it may have more control over the house by dint of their large haul of seats and the fact that they should not have to form too many complicated coalitions. The best thing that came out of this election is that the communist parties and all the other regional lowlife which preys on caste and region politics took a bit of a beating. Hopefully this signifies that the people are moving away from petty issues that may seem good in the short term, but are most debilitating in the longer term.

I was half expecting the BJP to romp home this time, but in a way I am happy they did not. I am definitely lukewarm towards the BJP because they seem to be a bit too cosy with organisations such as the RSS and VHP, which are currently degenerating into nothing more than bands of thugs. Other weirdos like Varun Gandhi and his inflammatory speeches does nothing to help their cause, neither do those who attack patrons of pubs. Hopefully the BJP will distance itself from these hoodlums and promote a more inclusive image in the next election. I am sure people will be quick to point out that the Congress does not have too clean a record on the communal front, but the Hindutva ideas are too central to BJP’s current image and that aint a good thing.

It remains to be seen what happens in the next five years….


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May 18, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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