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Here’s a link I came across in BBC a couple of days ago about Jade Goody, the person who became famous for the supposedly racist comment on the reality show Big Brother. To “make amends” with the Indian population supposedly, she is now planning to join the Indian version of the reality show and what’s more, she is getting paid 100,000 pounds to do that.

News like this makes gasp with incredulity, it makes me cringe and it makes me wonder if humans are indeed an “intelligent” species. Here is hard evidence that a person can shoot to celebrity purely by acting as if they are brainless twits(as her wikipedia page says, for all it is worth), then make supposedly racist comments, which draws more flak(and celebrity coverage) and then gets paid a huge packet to participate in an alternate programme of the same format to “make amends”. Once again, I lament the fact that people are so celebrity crazy and have so much free money to waste that such programmes and the associated paraphernalia are easily supported.

I first became suspicious of the reality of reality TV when I noticed Shilpa Shetty’s biography on UK bookshelves barely a week after the whole “racist” event. Surely there has to be some organisation in that? Surely there isn’t anyone who could have sat down and in a week written, published and distributed a book to stores? And to think that there is a market enough for this organising this whole charade, they really must be laughing all the way to the bank. It’s enough to shake my faith in human intelligence a little bit…

Given five minutes I can think of thousands of people who are truly more deserving of receiving such huge amounts of money than Jade Goody. Scores of teachers who stick it out in the poor schools, the voluntary workers who work for a pittance purely for the pleasure of seeing their efforts and abilities benefit their fellow humans beings. It seems so perverse that these people who are actually doing good work should have to scrounge for money while reality show characters rake in the millions by acting like idiots. Maybe we should all line up for reality shows and then once the scarcity of the “real” professionals hit in, some more sense will be beaten into the media and everyone else.


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August 19, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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