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Comments on my two earlier posts about the Ambani residence and the Rooney wedding pointed out that I may actually be contradicting myself. I realised that the justification for these two posts are long enough to form a post themselves and being forever keen to get more blog-mileage, here I am 🙂

First things first, while my saying that we should not bother about the Ambani residence and then a few days later ranting on how the rights to Rooney’s wedding photos were sold for 5 million dollars(or pounds I forget which) may seem contradictory, they are in fact dealing with fundamentally different things. From what I hear, Rooney is a good footballer and therefore has earned his millions. I do not begrudge the man if he wishes to spend millions on his wedding or if he wishes to buy his bride an island as a gift or whatever. I also do not blame the magazine who bought the rights to the photos. What I DO find extremely revolting is the fact that so many people in the world can be idiotic enough to create a sufficiently large market that the magazine in question starts seeing the photo rights as being worthy of a 5 million dollars spend. The magazine is not really at fault, it is merely making money from the horde of suckers it sees around it.

The Ambanis, on the other hand, built a house using the millions they have earned. They could have done it because they wanted to or they needed all those storeys of space, I really cannot comment on that. Sure, the house may not have much extra utility compared to smaller one, but I have a whole lot of opinions on this matter and the private jet thing which would fill a post by itself, so maybe sometime later. If done for a purely personal reason, then I cannot find fault with it.

There could be a second reason why the Ambanis decided to build their house, namely, because they want to make a show of their wealth to people around them. If this were the aim, it brings us back to the same celebrity craze which we humans seem to have and which I find revolting. People would look at his house and go “ooh”, they would probably buy a newspaper just because it has pictures of the house interiors, all of it simply to experience the vicarious pleasure of seeing how those better off than ourselves spend their money.

If people did not buy that magazine with Rooney’s photos, no footballer will ever get offered such a wad of cash. If people walked past a house that was built to impress others and say “oh! did not notice you there”, there will be fewer such houses around. Those that will be around will be built purely because the occupiers/owners wanted them that way, which I think is a valid enough reason.

Therefore, if the Ambanis built the house that way because they truly felt the need or desire for it, good for them and may they spend a happy time in it. If they built it to show off to other people, then I blame the people who fall for it and do go “ooh” because they are simply creating more incentives for people to build such behemoths. The applicability of this argument to Rooney’s wedding and the rest of the celebrity fuelled nonsense is just too obvious in this case.

And that is where I stand on the matter…


Written by clueso

July 5, 2008 at 12:46 am

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  1. I don’t think you can place the blame completely on the people for going ooh, because that’s exactly the sort of reaction that people who build houses like that desire (mostly my opinion).

    I don’t know Ambani’s intention and it’s his money so he can do he wants with it, even if he got a lot of it from his dad.

    The only thing I despise is the flagrant showiness that they actually thrive in unlike Bill Gates or Richard Branson who when they bought their houses and islands went to some lenghts to make sure their personal acquisitions weren’t talked about or constantly dropped about in their conversations or even getting their PR people to talk about it.

    Rooney’s case and Angelina Jolie’s twin’s pics are exactly the ooh thing. People love celebrity gossip and the high life, that’s why those reality shows with celebrities are such a big hit.



    July 15, 2008 at 5:49 am

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