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French Open again…

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Another French open final, another Federer-Nadal clash and the same result as when I wrote my old post “Federer bites the dust”.

But this final would scare the bejesus out of any Federer supporter. For that one day, the match was so one sided, the victory so complete, that one could have been forgiven if they thought that there could be no rivalry between the two players. To say that Nadal was amazing is an understatement, that he could do nothing wrong is slightly better, but to truly express my opinion, I will have to resort to language that would probably not be suitable here.

True, Federer was not his normal self and was making errors which you would not generally associate with him, but it was difficult to see how much further he would have gone even if he was playing his usual game. Its like fighting an elephant, you stand a better chance with a spear than a needle, but the spear still does not give you a great chance. I am sure that beating Nadal on clay is going to be one heck of a nightmare for Federer.

With the focus now shifting to Wimbledon in about a month’s time, it will be interesting to know if Nadal captures that crown as well this year…


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June 9, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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