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I came across this article on BBC regarding a new fad of hiring out dogs for days/weekends whatever just to make yourself feel good.

This kind of stuff really makes me cringe as it highlights the current pleasure-without-responsibilities and use-and-throw culture that is so pervasive nowadays. Any true dog lover will vouch for the fact that the joy of having a pet dog is in the whole journey from puppy-hood to adult-hood and not just for a couple of walks on the weekend. They will also vouch that though we may not think of them in that light, dogs have unique personalities and sometimes do not take well to being shunted from one person to another.

I also believe that a true dog lover will have the courage suppress their desires and not keep a dog if their schedule does not allow it or to change their schedule to make sufficient room for a dog if they decide to keep one. To me, anyone who uses this service is for sure not worthy of being called a dog lover.

We might as well have husband/wives, babies, toddler, teenagers, parents and grandparents for hire services to that we can fit our “families” around our “busy lives”

thoroughly disgusting….


Written by clueso

April 22, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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