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Felt like writing after going through Laukik’s blog where he pens(or rather types) quite a few good reads.

One that touched a chord somewhere was the article on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in which he tries to clear the muck that has gathered on the organisation’s image and attempts to put forward the true rationale behind its establishment. Unlike Laukik, I was never involved with the RSS, so mine are mainly ringside views. But then, it is the ideas that I would like to talk about rather than the organisation.

 I find the idea of Swayamseva quite nice, because I see in it not only a kind of discipline which should be beneficial to everyone but also the potential for nipping many a problem at the bud. Anyone who has grappled with problems in his/her life (thats includes every person on earth I guess) will realise that solving smaller problems individually is easier and more economical than lumping them together and dealing with the sum.  In my opinion, the Swayamseva philosophy should start a person thinking about how his/her individual actions can help, in whatever minuscule way towards a better life for themselves and for others.

Quite a bit of troubles could probably be fixed with collective individual actions. I find it rather humourous when I see people dump trash on the streets when they are about 20 feet away from a dustbin, expect the city authorities to clean up after them(we do pay our taxes after all) and then go on to crib about how high the taxes are. Alternate solution? Hold on to the trash a little longer, or maybe walk the extra 20 feet, remove the need for the government to pay someone else to clean up extensively and maybe everyone may just land up with lower taxes.

I can carry that hypothetical case forward even more. Imagine a world where every driver who saw a red traffic light would stop, without the need of a couple of intimidating policemen to ensure he/she does so. Imagine a world where everyone switched off the room lights if no one was using them, rather than have an organisation/government spending millions of (probably) tax payer’s money to run a campaign about saving power. Imagine a world where every person made a conscious decision to walk short distances instead of hopping into their cars and then complaining about the government when they get inconvenienced by the traffic or the measures put in place to curb traffic. Imagine a world where every individual understands that staying away  from that “extremely deep fried foodstuff” probably makes more sense than getting a heart attack and then on the state to cover the huge medical bills. A little individual thought, instead of the “how will a single person’s actions make a difference” mindset would be an elegant solution. 

Probably the concept of Swayamseva can help by

1. Galvanising people into dumping the lazy “anything goes” thinking to actually getting some work done.

2. Inculcate in people the faith that small individual actions, when practices by many, gives very profound effects…

 may it thrive and prosper!


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April 22, 2007 at 12:57 am

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