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It took a great deal of effort to shake off the lethargy and write this post. But now that I have successfully fended off a very significant bane of my life (it’s a minor victory but a victory nevertheless…) I hope i shall be able to contribute more regularly to the huge amount of junk literature floating around on the web.

There is no doubt of the fact that human experiences are highly affected by their location (as in the country/town they stay in) and I think that goes for the data inputs one gets. Finding myself in the UK currently, the latest bombardment has been the furore caused by the phenomenon of global warming.

It seems to be everywhere, the bombardment I mean. I see notices calling for meetings, requests for people to send requests to the local MPs and govt bodies, some more fervent appeals to drive less and walk more and a host of things. It has been causing flooding in Europe and draught in Africa, while sending catastrophic storms into the US and India. In short, the earth seems to be giving us some wake up calls. Its as we started a small fire in our backyard, waited, watched and sometimes fanned it while it grew and now suddenly we realise what we have done,  say “Oh shit!!” and try to reach for the extinguisher, except that extinguishers for such problems dont work so fast.

I consider myself more “green” than average and hence all this flurry gave me a veritable treasure trove to explore and huge amounts of my spare time was devoted to tracking down the websites in the posters and reading what the world had to say about the hullabaloo. Some factors they mentioned were…

1. Population: in my opinion, the one true problem in the world today. there are simply too many humans around. The worst thing is the number does not seem to show signs of abating. Now obviously, I am not in favour of mass genocides or anything, but when I think in this context I cant seem to get it out of my head that any solution geared towards “accomodating” the need of a burgeoning population without plans to curb the growth is akin to shying away from the real problem because the solution is too difficult. Instead workarounds are used which will work fine for now, but is bound to fall apart later.

2. Vehicle traffic: I recently watched an animated movie called “Over the hedge” in which a street smart racoon tells his more naive forest friends that an SUV is something “humans used to move from one place to another since they are slowly forgetting how to walk”. If current traffic levels are responsible for the soup we are in, I shudder to think what will happen when China and India, who are already aping the American lifestyle of super charged consumerism, start demanding their one-car-per-person and one-airconditioner-per-room rights.

3. Wastage: encompassing everything from leaving the lights on with no one to use them to letting vehicles idle at traffic lights and including the huge amounts of waste we is generated and then left to rot in landfills. After I took an informal stock of how much trash I generated over a week, I found the result rather startling and needless to say alarming.

 The steps taken to solve these issues is something I will be watching with interest and as far as possible aiding and adopting. The great part is that this is not something that can be swept under the carpet, its a not a problem that can be solved by moving to a different location (unless of course we think about the moon and the other planets around us). So after quite a while of being profligate, the human race has found itself pushed into a corner and will how have to slither out some way or another…


Written by clueso

October 18, 2006 at 10:50 pm

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